Our Mission

We believe people are the most vital resources in business. Because of this, our mission has always been to equip companies with the best safety equipment and tools available. Today our software has a definitive track record of helping safety programs reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on job sites.

We are proud to continue working alongside our clients in order to set up efficiently structured safety management protocol and procedures. We ask that you continue to send us your praise and complaints so that we can continue bettering our software modules and your experiences accordingly.

Our Story

Safety Indicators Was Built To Save Lives

Involvement in the investigation of an early career tragedy that took the life of an employee sparked a passion to eliminate hazards that lead to injuries. Navy safety training solidified a simple reality – that an injury or incident is like a set of chain links. Break any single link and avoid the incident. This created a constant desire by the company owner to help organizations and personnel be effective identifying and then breaking the links that lead to an injury. Investigations of incidents commonly show known hazards, but the Corrective Action methods often fail to get acted upon.

Now to the second reality. The best value from safety professionals is not that of a reluctant data administrator. Shoehorning safety personnel into the role of a data analyst is costly. Unfortunately, it is a common reality. The result is a two-fold problem. First, the safety professional spends a disproportionate amount of time manipulating and looking at data instead of being in a position to identify and mitigate potential hazards. Therefore, the most actionable of information is not recognized or presented in a meaningful way.

Most safety programs cannot get past injury and incident trending. Safety Professionals know that Leading Indicators are key. An effectively managed program can produce night and day differences in risk reduction. However, they are also far more difficult to administer using ad hoc methods (spreadsheets, forms, email and simple databases). This means that the information from Leading Indicators goes untapped and injury reduction stagnates. Most attempts to implement a safety program are crushed by the effort to administer producing little more than anecdotal and ineffective analysis.

Lastly, despite organizations emphasis on safety, safety professional’s requests for tools are often vetoed. Therefore the “adminstrivia” remains and safety professionals do not get to see the forest through the trees. Safety Indicators strikes at the root of this problem by pricing tools well below budget thresholds allocated to safety managers.

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