A List Of Answers To Our Most Commonly Asked Safety Software Questions

1. Am I limited to how many people can use the safety system?

In order to support collaboration, there is no user limitation or incremental costs for adding users to your safety program.

2. Is your system accessible on the job site?

Yes. All files and data are backed up “in the cloud”. This means your safety program is accessible with your logins from any web browser (smart phone, tablet, desktop etc..).

3. Will these safety modules work on my phone?

Our application works with any browser. You can access it via your browser or download our iPhone or Android app.

4. Can I import existing inspection and audit spreadsheets?

Importing existing Word and Excel templates into the system is common. We will add all charts and help you set notifications to make your program work at the highest level possible.

5. I already have an existing observation program. Can I use our current process with your system?

Our objective is to take what works and make it better. So if you have pre-existing processes, then let’s use whats working for you and let the technology improve its impact. If you don’t already have processes put in place, you can simply start with our templates and adjust as needed.

6. Can I incorporate our existing injury forms?

Yes. Replicating forms and workflows for incidents, reporting and root cause analysis can be done easily.

7. Can I create unique metrics, reports, and summaries?

Our dashboard capabilities let you tailor program access to user groups and individual users.

8. Can I control who can “see and do certain things” in the system?

Absolutely. Unique user permission roles allow you to configure roles exactly as you need. This ensures the safety department can see and interact with information that others cannot.

9. What if I have multiple sites/locations covered by the same program?

The system is designed from the ground up to help you manage your safety portfolio. So reports and dashboards can be run for one or all locations.

10. How much does it cost?

Our pricing is competitive and within the budget of most safety managers.

11. Can you help me determine what my current incidents + injuries are costing our business and how much the system can help me save or improve?

From the first conversation, we work closely with our clients to help safety departments understand the cost of their injury rate. This allows before and after measurement of improvement results. A 10x return on investment is typical – if that is not attainable at the outset of conversation, we will recommend you stick with what works for you.

12. What if I only need a few modules to fill a gap in my existing program?

Our system is highly modular. We can adjust it to fit your needs so you only pay for what you need.

13. What can I expect when initially contacted?

We simply discuss your program needs and whether or not our tools will benefit you. If our quick discovery discussion makes sense, we can do an immediate demo or setup a time to do a virtual demo.

14. How long will this platform take to roll out to our employees?

Consulting, setup and roll out typically takes about 2 weeks.

15. Are you able to draft our account monthly or will you invoice us?

We will invoice you.

16. Do you offer annual pricing?

The service is typically billed monthly, but we do offer discounts for annual pricing. Please contact us for discounted annual pricing.

17. Are we locked into a contract?

No, you may discontinue use at anytime.

18. Are you able to assess our current safety program before we purchase?

Our initial discovery discussions allow us to better understand your existing Safety Culture, practices, processes and needs. After these sessions, we’re able to approximate the impact the Safety Indicator’s system would have in your situation.

Note: If you don’t see your question listed below, feel free to contact us directly via email, or give us a call.

Note: If you don’t see your question listed below, feel free to contact us directly via email, or give us a call.

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