Why implement EHS audit software?

In any organization, safety risks can change frequently – more so if you operate in an ever-changing sector like manufacturing, construction or even healthcare. Unless you have the right tools at hand, staying on top of potential risks, and safeguarding your people and profits, can be an extraordinarily complex endeavor. This is particularly the case when it comes to EHS audits.

If you’re still conducting audits and inspections using manual forms and spreadsheets, you could be missing important opportunities to identify and resolve areas of risk and to optimize your overall health and safety.

Why choose Safety Indicators as your EHS audit software?

With Safety Indicators, you can simplify and streamline the process of conducting audits and inspections, as well as the way in which you record and analyze any data you capture as part of the process. Your authorized safety professionals simply review the performance of your sites, processes, and protocols in line with pre-agreed, fully customized criteria, and all of the results are stored in a central location for analysis and action.

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As all of your safety-related information is stored in a central database, it can be easily analyzed – and any significant risks or concerns can be readily identified and actioned as individual tasks.

Your EHS audit software can also track your improvement from one audit to the next, ensuring you are working towards continually enhanced health and safety.


As our EHS audit software is based in the cloud, it can be easily accessed on any remote devices, and your employees can conduct all required checks and inspects from anywhere, at any time.

This means that an auditor doesn’t necessarily need to be in head office in order to compile and submit a report – details can be added while on a worksite, or while inspecting a particular hospital or healthcare facility, for instance.


Fully Scalable, Accessible Solution

With audits and inspections software in place, you can also automatically trigger workflows to resolve potential risks or hazards before they escalate. For instance, if an audit reveals that a particular piece of equipment is stalling on regular interviews at a manufacturing plant, the system can automatically trigger a workflow that requires you to assign an employee who can organize the necessary maintenance. Without these automated steps in place, it can be easy for safety risks to fall through the cracks.


With all of your audit and inspection information stored in a central database, you can also simplify and streamline the process through which you provide details for compliance purposes. Compliance requirements can also change constantly, so having a central set of criteria upon which you are measuring your performance is vital. With our audits and inspections software, all of your auditors are able to access the same criteria, as relevant to your organization and industry, regardless of where or when they are conducting an audit or inspection.


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The team here at Safety Indicators can help you configure your audit and inspection software to ensure it delivers the best possible results for your organization. We can also support you at every step to ensure it continues to deliver optimal safety well into the future.

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