Easily Create Your Own Safety Inspection Templates

Quickly develop custom checklists for every project, worksite, and purpose. In addition to simple Acceptable/Unacceptable queries, you can include multiple choice questions, numerical and date questions, and more.

Include ‘context’ notes so even someone doing a particular safety risk assessment for the first time will understand what exactly they’re looking for, and why. The various safety inspection templates are kept in a central, organized repository, and changes or additions to their questions can be made at any time.

Audits Can Be Done Anywhere With the Mobile App

Supervisors and other assignees simply bring up the proper safety inspection template on their phone, and use it as a digital checklist. Routine inspections typically just take minutes – and so does initially learning this EHS audit software.

When an ‘unacceptable’ item is noted, there’s room to include additional details, including the exact location. Photos can also be taken on the spot, and included with the audit results.

In addition to regular Audits/Inspection, individual safety Observations can be reported using the Safety Indicators Observations Module.

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With this cloud-based system, all the safety audit checklist results are automatically uploaded and compiled in real time. There is no need to manually transcribe this data from the Mobile App to the Safety Indicators desktop platform.

Summary reports are regularly generated and emailed to stakeholders who are designated to receive them. Whenever a defined threshold has been surpassed, a notification is issued to the safety team.


All completed safety risk assessments are viewable in Audit List View on the Safety Indicators desktop site. Each one is given a unique Audit Number, and shows its current status. Items with pending resolutions stand out in orange so they can’t be missed.

Other useful information is shown for each audit, including the date it was conducted, who conducted it, which Project or Worksite it was for, and more. The list of audits can be filtered or grouped along a number of variables.


Fully Scalable, Accessible Solution

Any safety-related problems revealed by an audit are reviewed, and flagged for corrective action. Within the Safety Indicators platform, remediation orders are assigned, given a due date, and forwarded to the right person. Details and photos are included to eliminate any errors or confusion.

Within the Corrective Actions module, progress can be tracked, and completion can be confirmed. Any action not performed in time will automatically generate an alert for follow-up. Records of the problem and the fix can be archived for future reference.


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Companies typically collect an overwhelming amount of safety audit checklist results over time, but beyond the specific issues found, they never really use that data for any larger purpose. Now, with the ‘Insite’ analytics component of Safety Indicators, EHS Directors have a bird’s eye, long-term view.

They’ll not just see but understand trends, and problem hot spots. With a variety of color-coded visuals to summarize the data, they’ll know where to focus their efforts to make continuous safety improvements. With the right EHS audit software, more insight means more control.

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