Why choose EHS software for your organization?

As well as being required by legislation, the benefits of a health and safety program are clear. With a well-documented and consistent approach to safety, you can start to minimize risks, improve their resolution, and produce more accurate, streamlined safety reports.

However, if you are still relying on manual processes and systems, you could be missing a vital opportunity to manage your environmental health and safety (EHS) in the most efficient and effective way possible. The benefits of EHS software are vast. With all of your information centralized in the one location, and automatic alerts and analysis, you can get a bird’s eye view of your organization’s overall EHS performance, and drive a culture of continuous improvement. Key features: How EHS Software works

Key benefits of EHS Software

Here are some of the key benefits of EHS software to keep in mind:

  • Single point of reference
  • Quick, clear insights
  • Continual improvement
  • Streamlined audits and inspections
  • Prevent and lower risk
  • Fast, efficient reporting
  • Customized to your organization
  • Reduce manual error
  • Training and education
  • Increased safety participation
  • Fully supported by our expert team

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single point of reference

One of the most important benefits of EHS software is that it brings all of your EHS-related information together in the one, central location. This includes information on your organization’s specific processes and protocols, as well as the latest compliance information…

Quick, clear insights

By using a digital EHS solution like Safety Indicators, you also have all of the vital information you need about your organization’s overall EHS performance, at your fingertips via a clear and easy to use dashboard, you can see – at a glance…

Continual improvement

Another of the important benefits of EHS software is that it enables a culture of continuous safety improvement by having all of your EHS information consistently and accurately…

Streamlined audits and inspections

One of the key components of any health and safety program is conducting regular, in-depth audits and inspections. While a safety audit is usually broader review of your overall EHS processes, tools and achievements, a safety inspection relates…

prevent and lower risk

The benefits of a health and safety program can be considerable – and one of the most important is the ongoing mitigation of safety risks. Keeping your employees safe while they are at work is the ultimate objective of any EHS program…

Fast, Efficient Reporting

When it comes to EHS requirements, reporting can be a major overhead in terms of time and effort, especially if you are still relying on manual processes and systems. Reporting can also be complex and multi-dimensional…

configured to your organization

One of the other benefits of EHS software is that it is configured to your organization and your specific needs. This means that your employees will only see the information that relates specifically to their role and area of responsibility…

Reduce manual error

One of the major benefits of EHS software is that it automates a lot of the processes that you would ordinarily do manually. This includes things like preparing environment, health and safety reports, conducting audits or inspections, identifying trends, submitting compliance requirements…

Training and education

Employees play a key role in maintaining a workplace’s overall health and safety, and this means their knowledge and skills need to be continually up to date. Another one of the key benefits of EHS software is that it allows you to include a training…

Increased safety participation

With Safety Indicators, everyone within an organization – whether they are in the head office or on-site – is encouraged and able to take an active role in mitigating safety risks. For instance, if a particular worker notices a slip hazard, they can upload the details…

Fully supported by our expert team

Another of the benefits of EHS software is that you get ongoing support and advice from a partner with extensive experience in EHS regulations and requirements. When you choose Safety Indicators, the team here can help you implement, use and maximize the effectiveness…

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