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What is Safety Indicators?

We give users the unique tools and insights needed to continuously predict and prevent injuries – and that makes all the difference. Call us to learn how our customers are getting 10x return on their investment and you can too.

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Drop In Modules

incident management module for safety software


Capture your incident information using your selected template and seamlessly understand the nature of incidents allowing you to focus on what matters.

corrective actions safety management software

Corrective Actions

Increase the likelihood and effectiveness of every Corrective Action by utilizing workflows and visual indicators to increase accountability and visibility.

affordable safety observations software


Enable your entire staff to be effective at identifying safe and unsafe risks where they are found using a mobile device so safety departments and managers can reduce risk and reward good behaviors.

safety inspections software management

Audits + Inspections

Find and remove risks at the earliest sign of a negative performance using the automatically organized results from any variety of audits captured easily from any device.

safety indicators field forms

Field Forms

Easily create a library of electronic forms to instant availability on mobile devices to allow data to be captured and analyzed with no need double entry.

Employee Training Tracking

Remain compliant and automate your entire training process with simplified scheduling, tracking and reporting of all employee training data.

safety meeting tracking for safety management software

Safety Data Sheet Management

Inventory your SDS documents to allow personnel to easily find products they need and capture product-specific safety plans.

safety management document control software

Safety Document Management

Easily file, distribute, and catalog your safety process documentation for improved onboarding and compliance.

health safety management software with dashboards

Unique Dashboards

Organize the information contained in any of your modules into any variety of visual indicators, summarized tables or Key Performance Indicators with no need for additional effort.

additional safety software modules

Don’t See The Module You Need?

Need environmental tracking? License or permit management? Time clock management? Let us know, and we’ll get it added to your install. Reach Out

Powerful Insights


Being a Safety Manager is a large responsibility. What if you could be instantly alerted of negative safety trends at a location you manage? Well now you can. In fact, you can add as many sites or locations as you want at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Our unique software is helping thousands of safety managers eliminate safety hazards and accidents across their locations with unique real-time analysis and reporting. Let’s make America safe again. What are you using?

Expert Safety Program Consulting For Contractors

manage track and report all safety data

Built To Take With You


Forget paper headaches and trying to locate past documentation. Safety Indicators frees you of pen and paper and allows users to create digital inspections, audits and observations anywhere they go. Scared of new document layouts, processes or strange workflows? No worries. To speed deployment with your team, we can convert your old paper workflows and spreadsheets for you, or if needed, can improve upon the processes you’ve already built. It’s up to you!

The Most Advanced Safety Mangament Software


Our easy to use dashboards decrease learning curves and allow you to focus on keeping teams safe. With a few clicks, the information contained in your safety modules can be organized into any variety of visual indicators, summarized tables or key performance indicators. The future is here. And it is safe.

flexible and affordable safety program management software