Why is EHS regulatory compliance software important?

Compliance requirements are ever-evolving, and in many sectors, becoming increasingly complex. The standards upon which your organization bases its reporting on can also change on a regular basis, and can differ vastly from organization to organization.

Plus, if you’re still relying on manual record-keeping and documentation for your compliance reporting, it can also be incredibly time-consuming, and prone to error. This is where a centralized, digital solution like Safety Indicators can deliver enormous benefits.

Why choose Safety Indicators for your EHS regulatory compliance software?

With Safety Indicators, you can streamline and simplify your compliance activities – avoiding potentially costly fines for non-compliance, reducing the workload of your health and safety teams, and driving a culture of continual safety improvement across your organization.

All of your EHS information is stored in the one, central location, and reports can be created quickly and simply – significantly reducing headaches and administrative hassle. Plus, you have the peace of mind that the information you provide is accurate, up to date, and in-keeping with the latest reporting requirements.

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Fast, accurate reporting

Whether you are reporting to your company’s head office or parent company, or to relevant industry or regulatory bodies, our EHS regulatory compliance software can speed up and simplify the overall process.

Your safety professionals have the information they need at their fingertips, and can very easily compile reports against relevant industry criteria and standards. Compliance reports and alerts can also be automatically created and issued for internal stakeholders – to ensure you are constantly on top of requirements.

Configured to your organization

Fully Scalable, Accessible Solution

Your compliance requirements can differ considerably according to your industry, area of specialization, the products and services you deliver, number of employees and much more.

With Safety Indicators EHS regulatory compliance software, you can configure the way in which you capture and report on certain information to ensure that producing reports is as fast, convenient, and straightforward as possible.

Avoid reputational and financial damage

The fines for non-compliance can be hefty, especially in industries like construction, manufacturing, healthcare and government. As well as financial damage, the impact on your reputation with customers and partners – and ability to attract quality employees – can also be very significant. Talented workers can be, quite rightly, reluctant to work for a company with a poor EHS compliance record. With EHS regulatory compliance software, you can minimize your level of risk when it comes to meeting compliance requirements on an ongoing basis.

At a glance insights

With Safety Indicators as your EHS regulatory compliance software, you benefit from having the insights you need at your fingertips, from any device, and wherever you are working

This means that you are alerted of any areas of potential non-compliance as soon as they arise – rather than after an incident occurs and someone’s health and/or safety is compromised.

Support from our expert team

5-Star Customer Support

Compliance reporting on environment, health and safety concerns can be complex. When you work with the team at Safety Indicators, you have an expert team to guide you in configuring your software, and ensuring it continues to meet the specific needs of your organization, well into the future.

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