The good news for EHS professionals is that there’s now a wide range of safety management software options to choose from. The bad news is that making that choice is harder than ever.

So let’s make things simpler, by covering the features that safety directors really prefer these days, for streamlined effectiveness in meeting their growing list of responsibilities.

Sophistication with Flexibility

Multiple Projects or Worksites

Tracking EHS data across multiple projects or locations can be daunting. The safety management software should allow for independent accumulation of site-specific data for local evaluation and response, and also allow for a combined, macro-evaluation of the business as a whole.

Leading Indicators

Data about previous inspections and incidents is simply a history lesson. When your safety management software’s safety analytics functions include anticipating future issues and needs, you can be more pro-active in resolving them now.

Permission-Based Access

Not all stakeholders need access to all the data collected. Some info may be confidential (HIPPA) or business sensitive (costing). By granting specific permissions, and configuring custom dashboards, people receive what they’re authorized to have, without overwhelming them with unneeded data.

Real Time Feedback


Cloud-based platforms, rather than locally-installed software, are the way to go to ensure that everyone is on the same page, with shared real-time data, integrated functions, and seamless, instant communication. 

Analytics Insights

Safety teams can evaluate and respond quickly when collected safety data is able to be sliced, filtered, and displayed in a flexible variety of charts and graphs. As trends are revealed, it quickly becomes clear where they need to focus their efforts.

Automated Functions

When safety management software handles routine administrative tasks, this provides relief so a busy staff can attend to more vital duties. Plus when alerts and reports are triggered automatically, that timeliness and consistency helps prevent issues from ‘falling through the cracks.’

Single Source Simplicity

Unlimited Users for One Price

EHS directors who have to pay a higher monthly amount each time they add a user – or a worksite – often soon regret their software choice. Choose a platform that charges one predictable monthly fee, as your company and needs grow.

Simple Mobile App

Hard-to-learn and hard-to-use mobile apps, used for field audits and observations, tend to reduce their ongoing use. Make things easier on supervisors and other stakeholders with intuitive apps that let them complete what they need in minutes.

Top-Notch Support

Too many software platforms these days outsource technical support to overseas agents who know nothing more than what’s on the screen in front of them. Opt for US based support from people who understand the challenges of EHS teams.

Now that you know what to look for, your investment in, and conversion to, more advanced safety management software will help ensure ongoing success. Sure, change
is always hard, but making smart, informed choices up-front is the best place to start.

Curious to see how a comprehensive, state-of-the-art EHS platform works? Attend a free, personalized demonstration of Safety Indicators, and bring your questions. Schedule it now, and prepare to be impressed.


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