Too much of a good thing isn’t always so good.

Modern EHS Management software platforms emerged as a big step up for safety teams, with functions and features that greatly extended their knowledge, capabilities, and level of control.

To stay competitive, software makers continued to push these all-inclusive platforms to do even more. Many of the additions were truly useful and innovative. Unfortunately, though, those comprehensive packages began feeling bloated and overwhelming to users. 

The ever-rising burden of adoption sparked resistance on the part of buyers, which hurt overall software sales. Even companies that made the leap encountered a lack of participation among stakeholders who simply didn’t have time to ride the steep learning curve.

A Simple Idea for Taming the Complexity.

Some EHS software providers then hit upon a very workable solution: Break up the monolithic all-in-one software products into topic-centered segments or modules.

Separate modules were developed for Inspections, Observations, Incidents, Corrective Actions, and more. The magic of cloud-based computing enabled these separate modules to interact, when, say, an issue discovered during an inspection could be addressed simply by forwarding it to Corrective Actions.

Module-based EHS software also made the mobile app component of these platforms more useful, with users quickly accessing whichever module they needed from the shop floor or a distant worksite.

So Much Easier to Learn, Adopt, and Afford.

When companies are able to purchase just the modules they need, they’re no longer weighed down by what they don’t need. Of course, they can come back later to add other modules, for a stepped and much less intensive overall adoption process.

Each stakeholder only has to learn the module they need to do their job. This easier transition, naturally, contributes to a more successful long-term, company-wide adoption.

And when companies only have to pay for the segments they want, the cost of stepping up to sophisticated EHS management system is now much more within reach. Even some businesses who have already signed on for an all-in-one package seem to be realizing their mistake, as they look to switch to economical, efficient, module-based EHS software. It’s easy to see why.

Why Module-Based EHS Software?