4 EHS Compliance Trends Driven by Technology

Explore the ways in which safety management is going digital, to expand our capabilities, and to take better care of our human resources.

a photo of author Mark Hartney Written by Mark Hartney Revised On Sep 19th, 2022 0 Comments

Cloud-Based Safety: Perfect for Working from Home The shift to working-from-home didn’t start with Covid, of course, but that worldwide calamity clearly accelerated the trend. Businesses of all kinds scrambled to retool for the WFH era, at first with ad-hoc… Keep Reading

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Safety Personal Protection Equipment

Safety in the Workplace: A Brief History

Safeguards for employee health are a relatively recent achievement. Learn how the worker-safety movement evolved, and overcame the inherent risks of the past.

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If you had asked a factory manager in 1800 about workplace safety, you likely would have gotten a blank stare. Their plant’s temporary loss of productivity when an employee lost a finger, an arm, or their life, was simply a… Keep Reading

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Workplace Culture as an EHS Leading Indicator

Collected data from safety audits and incidents can tell you a lot. But when you figure in the impact of workplace culture, you’ll shift to a higher level of understanding.

a photo of author Mark Hartney Written by Mark Hartney Published On Aug 1st, 2022 0 Comments

Incidents are up, but they don’t seem to have much in common. Inspection results are inconsistent, as is the frequency of the inspections themselves. There are reports of a missing rail guard here, and a small oil spill there, but… Keep Reading

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Criminal Investigation

Using EHS Leading Indicators to Play Detective

You collect data to report workplace injuries. But what if data can be used to actually prevent future incidents? Read a fascinating example of how that can work.

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The EHS manager immediately sees the cause, and assigns the appropriate corrective action. But what if a growing number of workers have suffered injuries recently, and the cause isn’t obvious? That’s when the EHS manager gets to play detective. Like… Keep Reading

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safety program ehs management software

EHS Management Software: The Safety Program Essentials Kit

What are the key components of a successful environment health and safety or EHS plan? Learn more about what EHS should include and how Safety Indicators can help.

a photo of author Greg Funk Written by Greg Funk Revised On Oct 26th, 2021 0 Comments

The good news for the manual crowd is that the gap can be easily bridged (once they realize how far they’ve been left behind). Today’s safety programs allow forward-thinking companies to avoid a great deal of wasted effort, poor Corrective… Keep Reading

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