At Safety Indicators, we are committed to continually evolving our solution to better solve your health and safety needs. To improve the user interface, and in turn experience, we have made some changes to the desktop application. The visible changes you will see are to the color theme, system settings and filters.

Filter Updates:

Previously, the filter feature was more difficult to find, and it was not clear to see which filters had already been selected. Filters now live at the front, on the left sidebar, similar to retail shopping sites. This change is more user-friendly and allows for a more personalized experience. This is achieved through the increased visibility of which filters are selected, and the inclusion of the number of items that the filter should return.


Product image of filter updates

Color Theme and Font Updates:

Meeting accessibility requirements was a core focus for these updates. The font was changed for readability purposes and consistency across the site. By using common elements, users can feel more comfortable and are able to get things done more quickly. The choice of fonts also helps create hierarchy and clarity. For example, the new arrangement helps to increase scanability and in turn, efficiency.

Our previous color matched PM Vitals, our former brand. Now, the color theme has been updated to match Safety Indicators. These colors were chosen to set the mood, concept, and connotation for our brand.

For example, our signature navy creates order and calmness, reduces stress, and makes people feel relaxed and secure. All are relevant to our product and what we hope to provide. Orange creates a sense of alertness and draws attention to areas of the product that need to be addressed.

product image: color updates

System Settings Updates:

We’ve changed the position of the system settings so that there is more space in the banner row. System settings are permissioned to system administrators. They are now available on the bottom left for accessibility. This function required separation from the other section so that the options were not cluttered and were grouped appropriately.

product image: settings location update to ui


To summarize

We’re committed to continuously improving our product and services and ensuring clear communication with our users. Please email us at for any feedback, questions, or concerns.