Why invest in EHS software?

If your business is still using manual or dated systems and processes to manage your workplace’s environmental health and safety (EHS), you could be missing vital opportunities to improve overall safety, prevent incidents from occurring in the first place, streamline audits and inspections, and reduce the administrative burden associated with reports and compliance.

Today, many organizations are turning to digital, cloud-based EHS software to streamline and automate the way they manage and control their systems and processes.

Key features: How EHS software works

So how exactly does EHS software work? What’s involved? And what are the benefits of investing in a comprehensive safety and health solution

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Getting started: customizing your solution
  • Bringing all of your EHS information together
  • Recording health and safety incidents
  • Directly engaging employees
  • Enabling anytime, anywhere access
  • At-a-glance EHS insights
  • Prevent and mitigate risks
  • Streamlined compliance and reporting
  • Simplified audits and inspections
  • Safety observations
  • Ensure continual safety improvement
  • Training and education
  • Support from our expert team

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Getting started: customizing your solution

When it comes to implementing new EHS software in your business, the first step is to ensure it is completely configured to your organization and industry. This means choosing the most relevant modules, as well as configuring certain fields and labels within the solution…

Bringing all of your EHS information together

Perhaps the most important feature of EHS software is that it aligns your existing program with an automated system. The fact that it is mobile means ensures it will be utilized, and won’t just end up sitting on a shelf. This also means you can say goodbye to weighty process manuals…

Recording health and safety incidents

EHS software works to help you mitigate and reduce the likelihood of issues occurring across your organization.

However, if an environmental, health or safety issue does arise…

Directly engaging employees

Once you have implemented your EHS solution, you can then provide your employees with the level of access to information that’s appropriate for their role, experience and level of responsibility. This is how EHS software works to create efficiency.

Shift from lagging to leading indicators

When it comes to managing EHS, a key risk is that items will be forgotten, overlooked or left to stall – without action. With a quality EHS solution like Safety Indicators, however, you can ensure that all safety risks that are reported – or identified by the software…

Enabling anytime, anywhere access

One of the most important features of a cloud-based EHS solution is that it allows authorized employees to access the information they need, from anywhere, via their device.

They don’t need to be in head office to input…

At-a-glance EHS insights

When you use a digital EHS solution like Safety Indicators, you also improve your overall visibility and insight regarding your organization’s health and safety. You can see, via a clear and easy to use dashboard, any safety incidents that have occurred…

prevent and mitigate risks

As well as providing you with a central repository of all your health and safety-related information, a quality EHS solution like Safety Indicators will also analyze your information and identify any significant trends or specific risks that are relevant to your organization…

Streamlined compliance and reporting

For any health and safety team, understanding and meeting ever-evolving compliance requirements can be a complex undertaking. This is another reason to have a comprehensive safety and health program…

Simplified audits and inspections

Ordinarily, conducting environmental, health and safety audits and inspections can be complex, and a major overhead. With quality EHS software, and pre-determined criteria, however, you can streamline the process of conducting safety audits and inspections…

safety observations

With digital EHS software, your employees can submit safety observations when they are going about their day-to-day work. A university worker who notices a slippery floor in a lecture theatre, for instance, can take a photo, make a comment and specify the location…

ensure continual safety improvement

As your EHS software allows you to continually analyze and report on your workplace safety, it also creates a culture of continuous safety improvement in your organization. You can assign corrective actions to certain employees, and the system provides automatic alerts…

training and education

A key part of ensuring ongoing safety improvement is ensuring that your people have the knowledge and information they need. With Safety Indicators, you have access to a training and education module, through which you can keep your people up to date…

support from our expert team

Compliance reporting on environment, health and safety concerns can be complex. When you work with the team at Safety Indicators, you have an expert team to guide you in configuring your software, and ensuring it continues to meet the specific needs of your organization well into the future.

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