Which EHS software is right for your organization?

Choosing the EHS software that’s the right fit for your organization is vitally important. With the right solution in place, you can potentially improve your overall health and safety, save time, streamline your reporting, auditing and inspections, minimize manual errors, and lots more.

However, identifying and implementing the best possible EHS solution can be complicated, and there are all kinds of factors to consider.

If you’re in the process of making an EHS software comparison, this overview can help.

Key benefits of EHS Software

Whether you’re moving from a manual, paper-based EHS solution or are looking to upgrade from your current software, it’s important to choose your EHS software wisely. Here are some of the top questions to ask when selecting EHS software for your organization.

  • Can it be configured to your needs?
  • Is it relevant to your industry?
  • Is it based in the cloud?
  • Is it easy for end users?
  • Does it streamline your audits and inspections?
  • Can you set access privileges?
  • Does it deliver insights?
  • Does it streamline reporting?
  • Can it help you with mitigate risk?
  • Is it well supported?

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Can it be configured to your needs?

No two organizations, or even locations, are going to be the same when it comes to their environment, health and safety processes and requirements. Even organizations or locations which may appear to be quite similar will have some key differences when it…

Is it relevant to your industry?

Whether you operate in manufacturing, construction, government or industry, it’s important to ensure that the solution you choose can cater for your industry’s specific regulatory requirements and controls…

Is it based in the cloud?

Increasingly, forward-thinking organizations are choosing cloud-based EHS software, which offers all-important flexibility, insight and control. This is a key feature to consider when making an EHS software comparison…

Is it easy for end users?

For any software solution to be effective, it needs to be clear, straightforward and easy to use. This is one of the great advantages of Safety Indicators. It has a very user-friendly interface, and information is filtered so that individuals only see the information…

Does it streamline your audits and inspections?

To maintain optimal health and safety, it’s important to conduct regular, in-depth audits and inspections. A reliable, quality EHS solution should streamline this process for you – by centralizing all of your audit and inspection criteria…

Can you set access privileges?

Another important factor to consider when choosing an EHS solution is the extent to which you can set access privileges for employees based on their role and area of responsibility. With a solution like Safety Indicators, you can assign which people…

Does it deliver insights?

To ensure a culture of continuous improvement in your organization, you need to have ready access to information about safety issues and trends. When all of your EHS information is consistently and accurately documented, you can very easily…

Does it streamline reporting?

The reporting requirements associated with EHS can be considerable and are growing constantly. You may need to report to a parent company, stakeholder group or government or industry regulators…

Can it help you mitigate risk?

Another major factor to consider when choosing EHS software is the extent to which your solution can help you actually prevent and mitigate risk – making your overall workplace a safer and healthier place for your employees. This is, after all, the key objective…

Is it well supported?

When it comes to choosing EHS software, you’ll also need to think carefully about the level of support offered with your solution. How will it be configured and implemented? How long will this take? And if you experience an issue with your software at any stage, who can…

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