Most users of the Safety Indicators platform
access it right from their phones.

The desktop and mobile components of this cloud-based software work seamlessly together, for every module you purchase, and for an impressive variety of functions.

Typically, only the designated EHS staff use the desktop site for running the company’s safety operations. Everyone else has everything they need right in their pocket.

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Time to do an audit or inspection?
Open the app. Now, tap… tap… tap. Okay, you’re done.

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Choose the project or jobsite, choose the audit you want to perform, and get started with the list of categorized questions.

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Flexible Checklists

Most responses are Yes/No or Acceptable/Unacceptable. Multiple choice and quantitative sliders are among the other options.

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Shoot Photos

Then submit them within the app, without having to send them separately via text. There’s also a place to type in any other pertinent details.

Verified Review on Capterra

” The mobile app put daily safety documentation in the palm of their hands. This enabled me to get considerably more participation. “


Tommie C., Safety Manager

Safety inspection app data is automatically uploaded, so company stats are always current.

EHS managers can be alerted immediately about critical issues, helping to expedite solutions.Analytics and reports offer real-time safety snapshots.
There’s no longer a need to manually transcribe inspection results from one format to another, a task that often results in mistakes and omissions.

Also use the mobile app to submit observations, report an incident, or assign a corrective action.

Si Icons Features Observations

Safety Observations

Other than the pre-defined list of questions, submitting an observation is similarly easy and thorough as doing an audit.

Si Icons Features Incidents

Safety Incidents

Capture incident details right on the spot, while the situation is freshly on the mind of affected employees and witnesses.

Si Icons Features Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions

Use the mobile app to quickly initiate remedies when a problem is discovered. Include details, the exact location, photos, and more.

Verified Review on Capterra

” We reviewed many other packages and this one beat all the rest based on its simplicity. “


Tommie C., Safety Manager

The mobile safety inspection app that does so much more.

Remember, this isn’t just a safety inspection checklist tool. You can also use it to access reports, manage tasks, access safety documents, and fill out other forms.

You can also handle equipment inspections with the mobile app. Use your phone to scan the QR code affixed to each item to bring up item-specific inspection questions.