Smart + Affordable Safety Program Management Software

Safety Indicators is a cloud-based software suite that gets your organization focused on incident prevention instead of reaction. Our technology removes waste and increases a safety professional’s impact to keep the focus on risk identification, corrective action and injury reduction.

Our web and mobile friendly platform boasts more configurable features to reduce effort than any other safety management software suite, guaranteed — all aligned to shift from reaction to effective focus on injury prevention. Automated notifications and powerful reports keep people informed while simplicity keeps people engaged – ultimately advancing the safety culture.

The system covers your program needs from front-to-back. Modules allow you to easily identify risk, conduct observations, audits and other leading indicator information. Incidents are tracked for internal reporting and trend analysis and automatically handle special client and standard OSHA reporting requirements. Roll-up and Drill-down dashboards and reports ensure executives see the big picture across multiple sites, while hands-on personnel are aware of the information that pertains to their specific work environment.

Stop the hassle of managing spreadsheets, forms, and reports and join the many successful companies that utilize Safety Indicators to digitally manage their safety programs.

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How It Works

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Team member participates in an observation or audit.

Input the observation/audit into Safety Indicators documenting issues needing to be resolved.

Corrective Actions are assigned to personnel with email notifications describing priorities.

Track real-time progress of all safety issues using visual reporting and automated notifications.

Who It’s For

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