Solve the Challenges of Government Incident Management With Our Safety Software Suite

Federal, state and municipal projects are held to the same safety standards as other industries, but have elevated levels of reporting and oversight than other environments. So whether you use cloud-hosted or on-premise implementations for agency security you’re covered.

Often agencies use unique terminology or acronyms to package their safety program or describe safety activities. Altering your existing program to match an agency is laborious, but the effort is largely avoidable. Configurable system reports allow a single action to be reported in various formats to satisfy internal needs and external requirements with no additional effort.

The reporting rigor imposed by these agencies can be difficult to stay on top of. The range of requirements and oversight in government environments can create administrative and reporting headaches for project managers and safety personal. We’re proud to have software that solves the problems that dilute effort from primary task of risk reduction and injury prevention.

Safety Indicators is based on a premise that injuries are avoidable. The software’s basic features allow users to create observations, assign tasks and track completions, while allowing management to make quicker and more informed decisions based on visual reporting.

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delegate and assign tasks with advanced safety program management tools

Delegate + Assign Tasks to Teams, Contractors and Vendors

Creating observations and assigning tasks to responsible parties is as easy as 1, 2, 3 when using Safety Indicators. To ensure all parties are notified of the issue – responsible personnel are automatically emailed notifications describing both the issue and solution with optional imagery included.

Understand Trends + Improve Your Safety Performance

Real-time data allows you to visualize trends in your safety program. Trends allow you to understand where you’re safety program is succeeding and where it’s falling short. And if using an agency’s special acronym on a report avoids questions you can do that.

Drill into the details from chart graphics or tabular summaries to understand what is going on.

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understand trends and improve safety performance with the ultimate safety program management tools

Workers Comp direct cost alone has been reduced by almost one million dollars in the last 2 years so I would say there is plenty of evidence of what a good safety management system can do to benefit a company.


Kelli MacDonald-Risner - Regional HSE Manager

I’m able to continue to provide safety management services by dissecting a given issue and determine the proper risk mitigation(s). Safety Indicators allows for me to leverage my expertise with their technology that then sustains programmatic improvements.

Life & Safety Consultants

Don Snizaski - Owner

Mobile apps and metrics help our safety committees focus on what matters and knowing where Corrective Actions stand keeps employee engagement high.

Department of Energy

Mike S. - DoE Contractor/VPP Program Sponsor

We had a difficult time getting our arms around all the moving parts – corrective actions, incident closeouts, management reporting, etc. SafetyIndicators’ platform rolls it up into one platform. Their one-stop-shop solution allowed for us to focus on our safety program instead of the daily fire drills.

Tier One Automotive Supplier

Don S. - Director of Risk Management

Safety Indicators was simple for our people on the shop floor to use which made its adoption seamless. Now the data rolls up to management giving the Safety Team the insight needed to get in front of issues.

Pharmaceutical Construction Environment

Jane B. - Safety Director

Government Safety Management Software