Solve the Challenges of Healthcare Incident Management With Our Safety Program Software Suite

The healthcare sector has unique risks such as sharps, medical assists, needlesticks and ergonomics that drive injury rates. Your challenge is to find a way to make your EHS program successful despite these unique aspects.

The focus on the Environment of Care includes patient safety in addition to the care workers themselves. Accreditations require the ability to measure risk across many hospitals, the various types of care units within, them as well as broad networks of clinics. Technology allows the ability to replicate a working program more effectively across a wide variety of personnel.

Attention grabbing dashboards keep safety meetings on point and focused on the actions that can prevent the incidents in the real world. Being able to drill down to see the root cause of injuries or risks is a snap.

Healthcare accreditation agencies are increasingly looking to for organizations to not just measure, but trend identified Risk associated with the Environment of Care. Until now the ad hoc and manual methods available to do this were very difficult. We are proud to say that we have solved this challenge, making the ability to isolate the best and worst across a large organization possible and with integrated Corrective Actions behavior changes for the better are supported.

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In an industry measured by care, Safety Indicators takes care of you

What if we told you that your organization could reduce risk, lower costs, protect employees and contribute to great patient outcomes? We’ve built Safety Indicators to exceed the already high standards that are required in healthcare organizations.

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When everything is a top priority – time is valuable. Our cloud-based, secure infrastructure allows you to perform safety audits and observations from the convenience of your tablet or mobile devices during your day-to-day operations. Contact us today to discover the robust power of Safety Indicators and how it can reduce pressure within your organization while saving you both time and money.

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safety program management software for healthcare systems

We had a difficult time getting our arms around all the moving parts – corrective actions, incident closeouts, management reporting, etc. SafetyIndicators’ platform rolls it up into one platform. Their one-stop-shop solution allowed for us to focus on our safety program instead of the daily fire drills.

Tier One Automotive Supplier

Don S. - Director of Risk Management

Mobile apps and metrics help our safety committees focus on what matters and knowing where Corrective Actions stand keeps employee engagement high.

Department of Energy

Mike S. - DoE Contractor/VPP Program Sponsor

I’m able to continue to provide safety management services by dissecting a given issue and determine the proper risk mitigation(s). Safety Indicators allows for me to leverage my expertise with their technology that then sustains programmatic improvements.

Life & Safety Consultants

Don Snizaski - Owner

Safety Indicators was simple for our people on the shop floor to use which made its adoption seamless. Now the data rolls up to management giving the Safety Team the insight needed to get in front of issues.

Pharmaceutical Construction Environment

Jane B. - Safety Director

Astra Zeneca uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.
Michelin uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.
Turner uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.
Goodyear uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.
Firetrol Protection Systems uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.