Safety Software Management built for the Manufacturing Industry

Moving people and equipment, dangerous machines, ergonomic issues and multiple shifts are some of the factors that make a manufacturing environment unique. Safety Indicators helps you drive incidents down by engaging plant personnel from the shop floor to the plant manager.

Automatic reporting and notification directed to each Cost Center or Department manager ensures a level of accountability that drives continuous improvement. Safety Indicators helps shrink an overwhelmingly large organization into manageable groups that can see and understand their own leading and lagging indicators. Information for multiple facilities across a state or around the world can be rolled-up or drilled-down to see what’s happening.

Safety Indicators supports supervisors and safety professionals with instant access to summary and detailed reports and dashboards so preparing for a meeting is as easy as connecting to the projector. People show up to meetings more prepared when dashboards displaying open or late Corrective Actions with drill-down ability show the history of notifications requesting action.

With Safety Indicators, your teams can record and prioritize hazards, assign tasks to the responsible person and be notified of completion progress. Being able to manage potential issues in real-time, across multiple operations, is the key to eliminating injuries.

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customizable safety management software for manufacturing and operations

Scale up or scale down with 100% customizable features

Safety Indicator’s safety software makes scaling to size seamless. Our system allows customers to add users at will and even gives you the ability to quick-start new projects by using pre-built templates. By paying only for the modules you need you can fill gaps in an existing program. So whether you only need to perform routine inspections, or require the tools to support a comprehensive PSM/Management of Change process we can help.

Simple + Effective Safety Management Solutions For Manufacturers

With the Safety Indicators EHS Platform, you are able to focus on driving efficiency. Our software was built to be simple yet effective and its customizable features and dashboards let you make it your own. Your existing high impact reports don’t go away, they just get replicated in the system allowing them to be automated, as you need.

Don’t have a safety program? Our team can help you put a program into place that meets your industry’s compliance requirements, controls risk and boosts performance.

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Best Safety Program Management Software Suite

We had a difficult time getting our arms around all the moving parts – corrective actions, incident closeouts, management reporting, etc. SafetyIndicators’ platform rolls it up into one platform. Their one-stop-shop solution allowed for us to focus on our safety program instead of the daily fire drills.

Tier One Automotive Supplier

Don S. - Director of Risk Management

Mobile apps and metrics help our safety committees focus on what matters and knowing where Corrective Actions stand keeps employee engagement high.

Department of Energy

Mike S. - DoE Contractor/VPP Program Sponsor

I’m able to continue to provide safety management services by dissecting a given issue and determine the proper risk mitigation(s). Safety Indicators allows for me to leverage my expertise with their technology that then sustains programmatic improvements.

Life & Safety Consultants

Don Snizaski - Owner

Safety Indicators was simple for our people on the shop floor to use which made its adoption seamless. Now the data rolls up to management giving the Safety Team the insight needed to get in front of issues.

Pharmaceutical Construction Environment

Jane B. - Safety Director

Astra Zeneca uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.
Michelin uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.
Turner uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.
Goodyear uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.
Firetrol Protection Systems uses Safety Indicator's EHS Safety Management Software Suite.