User Interface Updates

Updates for Safety Indicators User Interface: Everything you need to know

New updates to our User Interface! Read on to see why we made the changes and how they improve your experience.

a photo of author Chloe Healion Written by Chloe Healion Published On Feb 27th, 2023 0 Comments

At Safety Indicators, we are committed to continually evolving our solution to better solve your health and safety needs. To improve the user interface, and in turn experience, we have made some changes to the desktop application. The visible changes… Keep Reading

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Palfinger Casestudy Manufacturing

PALFINGER Transforms Their Safety Strategy from Reactive to Proactive with SafetyIQ

As part of PALFINGER’s commitment to enhancing operator safety and efficiency, they sort to evolve their current safety processes.

a photo of author Chloe Healion Written by Chloe Healion Revised On Jun 8th, 2023 0 Comments
  About PALFINGER PALFINGER is an international technology and mechanical engineering company and the world's leading producer and provider of innovative crane and lifting solutions. With over 12,600 employees, more than 30 manufacturing sites and a worldwide sales and service... Keep Reading
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Mitigating Liability as a Controlling Employer

What Are Role-Based Permissions in EHS Software?

Workplace safety depends on the flow of information, but how do you stay in control of that flow? Once again, technology comes to the rescue.

a photo of author Peter Ogden Written by Peter Ogden Published On Dec 5th, 2022 0 Comments

Now more than ever, workplace safety is about information: compiling it, storing it, transferring it, processing it, and using it. Technical advances have allowed the overall volume of data to grow exponentially. You may have noticed. But just because we… Keep Reading

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A Guide to What to Look for In Safety Management Software

EHS teams are upgrading to new safety management platforms, and too often regretting their choice. Why? Read on, to understand what they didn’t.

a photo of author Peter Ogden Written by Peter Ogden Revised On Mar 20th, 2023 0 Comments
The good news for EHS professionals is that there’s now a wide range of safety management software options to choose from. The bad news is that making that choice is harder than ever. So let’s make things simpler, by covering... Keep Reading
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Why Each Stakeholder Needs a Different Safety Analytics Dashboard

Analytics information can help everyone do their job better. But too much information can make it hard to find exactly what they need. Here’s a smart solution.

a photo of author Peter Ogden Written by Peter Ogden Revised On Nov 3rd, 2022 0 Comments

The modern era has been called the ‘age of information.’ Having all kinds of data at our fingertips Is great, if we can avoid drowning in that ever-growing information tsunami. To get a bit more specific, those who are expected… Keep Reading

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