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EHS Management Software: The Safety Program Essentials Kit

What are the key components of a successful environment health and safety or EHS plan? Learn more about what EHS should include and how Safety Indicators can help.

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The good news for the manual crowd is that the gap can be easily bridged (once they realize how far they’ve been left behind). Today’s safety programs allow forward-thinking companies to avoid a great deal of wasted effort, poor Corrective… Keep Reading

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Mitigating your Liability as a Controlling Employer

Mitigating Your Liability As a Controlling Employer of a Multi-Employer Worksite

OSHA has increased focus on multi-employer sites and complex safety situations. Here are 3 ways to mitigate your risk in a supervisory scenario.

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Mitigating Liability A large portion of the liability can be avoided upfront with proper pre-hire risk management strategies. A controlling employer should consider the following factors before selecting or hiring subcontractors: Work History OSHA Safety Report Card and other Safety… Keep Reading

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Safety NewsWhat’s the latest in EHS? What new health and safety measures should your organization be focused on? Get the latest tips and advice here from Safety Indicators.