Any system user can quickly report an observation

For workers and supervisors who spend every day in the same environment, hazards are often noticed between regular comprehensive inspections. It could be an employee not using the right scaffolding, or neglecting their safety glasses. It could be improperly stored gas cylinders, or a broken and unsafe chair.

Each one of those is an accident waiting to happen, unless someone reports and corrects it. And reporting safety hazards just takes moments, from anywhere, using the Safety Indicators Mobile App. Empowered to submit critical details and even photos, every user becomes a safety deputy.

The EHS Director stays on top of it all, in real time

As soon as the Observation is submitted, the safety team is alerted, with everything they need to investigate and assign remediation.

For a behavior-based safety observation, a reporting supervisor may include any guidance they offered on the spot, to make the worker aware of the risks of cutting corners. While no further action may be needed, a record of the Observation is archived in case the same employee is cited in the future.

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Safety directors can see all open Observations in one comprehensive List View, including a description, date, and location, as well as an assignee and due date for any needed corrective actions. Lists can be filtered, grouped or searched to find a specific Observation or sublet of items.

A Details Form is brought up simply by clicking on any Observation in the list. Only those with the proper Permissions may be allowed to view or edit information in this safety observations software module.

Track progress and resolution

Whether the Observation concerns a company employee or a contractor employee, progress can be continually documented and tracked within the platform. The status of each item is color coded, so Unsafe observations that still need attention stand out ‘at a glance’ from those that are marked Safe or Resolved.

Like many aspects of Safety Indicators, the Safety Observations Module can be configured to fit your company, workflow and industry.

An empowered workforce

When supervisors and employees see that the safety breaches they report always get rectified, they know that the company cares about them and the safety of their workplace.

The Observations Module can also be used for positive reinforcement. A worker following safe procedures or making improvements can receive ‘Good Job!’ recognition. Someone recently reporting a safety hazard can be commended with a ‘Good Catch!’

Observation analytics

A variety of data charts and graphs offer the EHS team a birds-eye view of workplace-based and behavior-based safety observations, either recent or over the long term.

These color-coded InSite graphics can break down Observations by type, by worksite, by status, and more. Positive or negative trends, as well as similar Observations in multiple departments, become instantly visible. This safety observations software provides an essential suite of leading indicators for companies committed to continuous improvement.

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