Importance Of Incident Reporting

The Importance of Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is an integral part of health and safety at the workplace. But what are incident reports? Read this blog to find out!

a photo of author Chloe Healion Written by Chloe Healion Revised On Jan 18th, 2023 0 Comments

Workplace incident reporting refers to the examining, recording, and managing of an incident an employee experienced. The incident can include any event resulting in security problems, property damage, or injury in the workplace. The employee will traditionally need to fill… Keep Reading

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Work Task Safety Observations and Safety Management Intervention Solutions

How could safety observations (audits and inspections) impact your safety program? Experience change and use Safety Indicators.

a photo of author Greg Funk Written by Greg Funk Revised On Feb 11th, 2021 0 Comments

PM Vitals created a suite of software tools called Safety Indicators to assist leadership teams in creating an accident-free workplace utilizing observational based prevention strategies. “In field” observation and intervention is the foundation of any prevention strategy. Often times this is… Keep Reading

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