Get ready for charts and graphs that slice safety data in ways you’ve never seen before.

There are hundreds of different charts available to summarize and display audit data, incident data, and much more.

Plus, a selection of charts can be arranged on their screen in the most logical way. The Safety Indicators team or the company safety manager can set up chart groupings for each role. Or, you can let each user easily create their own personalized dashboard.


When different company stakeholders perform different functions, ‘one size fits all’ software is always a bad idea. A user who has to navigate through multiple screens and options to find what they want will be both overwhelmed and inefficient.

Now, platform users will only see the software modules that their firm has chosen to purchase. Plus, safety managers can assign roles to different types of users, and those in each role can only access what’s needed to do their job.

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Charts Make Safety Data
Easy to Visualize

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Safety dashboard templates are color-coded so that critical and overdue issues alert users immediately. A supervisor, for example, can clearly see when a team member hasn’t completed a corrective action. An alert to that worker can quickly go out within the Safety Indicators system.

Plus, each user has their own ‘My Items’ tab and ‘My Approvals’ tab to stay on top of their individual responsibilities, and make sure every loop gets closed.


The clear ‘Insite’ data visualizations here don’t just offer performance summaries or usage metrics. They show upward or downward trends over time. They reveal similar safety issues at different projects or divisions. And more.

These leading indicators allow the safety team to project what is likely to happen in the future, and where. So corrective actions can be put in place now, for ongoing improvement and an overall safer workplace. That’s EHS analytics at its best.


Remember, when a user assembles their own safety software dashboard, they only have access to data and charts that they’re permitted to see. This, for example, helps protect injured workers from HIPAA infractions. It can also permit supervisors to only see data from their own division or project. Explore all the Safety Indicators modules and features. You’ll be amazed at all that you can now do.


What safety chart widgets are available? Bar Charts. Stacked Bars to offer more detail. Area Charts. Pareto Charts. A Heat Map offers a wealth of company-wide info at a glance. A KPI Score quickly shows how close you are to a pre-set threshold or goal, and the next chart clarifies why.

Chart filters, configurations and date-ranges help you dig even deeper into EHS analytics. The sophisticated functionality is masked behind an intuitive, easy-to-use safety software dashboard.


Will it work best to see one main chart on the left, and two small charts on the right? Or nine charts of equal size? Simply choose the configuration that works best for your safety predictive analytics.

For convenience, related charts are often combined within ‘Insite Groups.’ You won’t find more useful and flexible safety dashboard templates anywhere else.

Dashboards Configured for
Each User’s Needs

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Dashboard 4 720x468
Dashboard 3 720x468
Dashboard 2 720x468
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